Keolis has played an active role in the UK’s transport industry since 1996.


Today, we use our expertise to carry over half the UK’s tram passengers and help deliver over a third of all UK rail journeys.


We draw upon our international best practice and expertise as an operator of some of the world’s most advanced railways and as the biggest operator of light rail services globally, to deliver innovative, partnership–led passenger transport services here in the UK.

Keolis is a global leader in shared mobility market, facilitating the journeys of millions of people every day. At the heart of everything we do is an understanding of the importance of integrated transport systems, and a track record of delivering them successfully the world over. We work with other operators to connect different modes of transport, creating single, simple networks.

We think like a passenger, and use expertise, innovation, and investment to continually drive improvements in their experience. Our collaborative approach to operating services sees us form close relationships with clients and stakeholders. We work with them to co-construct tailor-made, efficient and sustainable transport solutions, helping to create more attractive places to live and work.