In order to meet the expectations of our clients, public transport authorities, Keolis places passengers at the heart of everything we do. From network design and service offerings, to customer experience and customer relations, our efforts and experts all focus on one common goal: making public transport increasingly attractive.

Our values


From Hyderabad to Melbourne and from Manchester to Boston, Keolis’ 65,000 employees share the same values: “We Imagine, We Care, We Commit”.

These values are an intrinsic part of the Group’s culture and history, and the heart of its DNA. They unite all teams as part of a “One Keolis” approach, focused on the satisfaction of passengers and public transport authorities.

We imagine slogan


Keolis invents multimodal mobility solutions tailored to each town, city, or region’s specific issues and financial constraints. Our teams continuously innovate to create attractive transport solutions focused on passenger satisfaction and quality of service or performance.

We care slogan


We ensure millions of people are satisfied every day by placing the passenger at the heart of our network planning and operations. We win the trust of public transport authorities by forging partnerships based on open dialogue and transparency. We motivate our thousands of employees by making mutual respect the foundation of our human resources policy.

We commit slogan


We honour our contractual commitments to public transport authorities in relation to safety, service quality, reliability, and operations. We also act in all circumstances as a responsible stakeholder in the development of sustainability mobility in every city and region where we operate.


Deployed in each of Keolis’ 300 subsidiaries – irrespective of transport mode, size or country of implementation – the KeoLife continuous improvement programme is built around seven workstreams. Each workstream is divided into several focus areas, with a set of shared standards and KPIs defined by the Group’s business areas. Self-assessment tools enable each subsidiary to gauge how well it’s doing and identify its strengths and avenues for improvement, in line with its performance and the local business environment. KeoLife provides the framework for each subsidiary to structure its approach, build specific action plans and track its own progress.




We look to form best-in-class partnerships with firms that have an existing pedigree in seeking to break into new markets.

All of our UK franchises are operated as part of joint venture partnerships.

We work closely with key stakeholders, ranging from central and local government to other transport providers, to help deliver integrated passenger services. At the heart of our partnerships is the desire to meet the transport needs of the communities that we serve.