The journey for KeolisAmey Wales began in October 2018 when it commenced the operations and maintenance of the Wales and Borders rail network. This was to be a 15 year journey to deliver wholesale transformation of the nation’s railways.

The multi-billion pound programme saw significant investment from the outset, part of the project to dramatically enhance the network’s 1,600km of track, 247 stations and most importantly improve the passenger experience of over 30 million passengers per year.

At the core of this ambitious transformation will be the delivery of the South Wales Metro – a system providing frequent and convenient public transport access into the Welsh capital from key surrounding communities. It’s a vision that we, alongside our partners at Amey, have been proud to have made great strides in realising. .

KeolisAmey, a joint venture between Keolis and Amey, won the challenging contract to set about the detailed series of improvements that would help Wales turn the corner on public transport through improved maintenance and performance, increase services, with newer, fully accessible trains, station and ticketing modernisation. At the same time managing, constructing, commissioning, and putting into service new trains built specifically for Wales.

From February 2021, with the impact of Covid 19 and subsequent significant fall in passenger revenues earmarked for investment, it was agreed with Transport for Wales (TfW) of the need for a change to the operations role in rail for KeolisAmey in Wales. A new Joint Venture was conceived between KeolisAmey and TfW, which will harness Keolis’ global expertise and experience, in the design and operation of multimodal transport systems as well as provide support and guidance in other areas including (but not confined to):

  • rolling stock delivery specification and introduction
  • integrated ticketing,
  • digital best practice
  • on demand transport systems,
  • cross modal design,
  • innovation
  • integration of light and heavy rail.

The Joint Venture will also look seek to target the multi-faceted sector experience of our partner, Amey. Both businesses now stand ready to continue to deliver our professional support to this exciting and ambitious national project for Wales, for which we have already laid some solid foundations.



Key Facts:

  • Passenger Transport Authority: Transport for Wales

  • Network is 1,623 km long with 247 stations

  • 1026 trains per day

  • 148 train units

  • over 30 million annual passenger journeys

  • 2,545 employees

For TfW travel information and tickets, click here.