KeolisAmey was awarded the Wales and Borders franchise in May 2018 to operate and maintain Transport for Wales (TfW) rail services for the next 15 years.


The Transport for Wales rail services network is over 1,600km long, with 247 stations, and carries over 30 million passengers per year.

KeolisAmey, a joint venture between Keolis and Amey, will set about a series of improvements for what is a new era for passengers and for Wales with more rail services, newer trains, better stations and more reliable networking.

Key features of the contract include:

  • £194m on station improvements, including the building of five new stations and the modernisation of all 247 already existing stations on the network;
  • £800m on replacing trains in Wales. From 2023, 95% of journeys will be made on new trains, half of which (50%) will be assembled in Wales;
  • by December 2023 KeolisAmey will be running an extra 285 services every weekday across Wales, with improvements on the Ebbw Vale line, North Wales Metro (Wrexham-Bidston), Cambrian and Heart of Wales lines;
  • An extra 294 services across Wales on Sundays, an increase of 61%, creating a true 7-day service for the first time;
  • Investment in new technology to reduce disruption and enhance performance;
  • Six hundred new jobs will be created to deliver the contract, and 30 new apprenticeships will be created every year.

These improvements are part of a series of investments totalling £1.9bn that will be made over the 15-year contract period to bring about a transformation in rail travel for people and communities the length and breadth of Wales and its borders.

As part of the the Welsh Government’s South Wales Metro development, journey times will be reduced and the frequency of trains will be increased, while new Metro vehicles will bring on-street running back to Cardiff.

Smart ticketing will be rolled out across Wales making travel easier and fares more flexible. In addition new cheaper off-peak fares will be introduced, including reductions to fares in North Wales and at the heads of the Valleys.



Key Facts:

  • Passenger Transport Authority: Transport for Wales

  • Network is 1,623 km long with 247 stations

  • 1026 trains per day

  • 148 train units

  • 3 million annual journeys

  • 2,545 employees

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