Safety and security, the environment, accessibility, our communities and our people are the bedrock of our existence as a socially responsible business.

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Safety & Security

At Keolis the number one priority is safety for passengers, employees and other road users. The average spend of a Keolis subsidiary on safety and security is between 4 and 7% of its annual budget. It’s why we operate some of the safest bus, rail, light rail and metro systems in the World.

Bayonne-Biarritz Electric Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

The Environment

As a provider of transport solutions and an operator of thousands of vehicles, Keolis is proactive in promoting solutions which contribute to limit substantially their impact on the environment.

We feel public transport has a huge role to play in improving the environment we live in – something which is reflected in the increasingly clean nature of our operations.

By 2030, Keolis aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to 2019, while increasing threefold the number of kilometres travelled using alternative energy sources.



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Keolis is committed to improving the accessibility of public transport everywhere. In all areas where Keolis has an influence on the equipment, vehicle or organisation of the provision public transport, the group aims to increase accessibility for all.

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Our communities


The provision of public transport carries a number of responsibilities and duties. Keolis believes that a public transport operator should be firmly rooted within the community and participate in its development and well-being.
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Our people


As a service provider, the quality of our people is a key critical factor for our success. It is through our employees that the Group can successfully transfer know-how, develop skills and convey to the public its values of professionalism, proximity and service.
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Committed to safety, sustainability and the communities we operate in.

We imagine. We care. We commit.

Modern Slavery Statement


Modern Tax Strategy

The Keolis Tax Strategy for 2023 can be found here.