We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of the Keolis magazine, Pulse – New ideas to challenge daily mobility“.

“Pulse” is a 48-page bi-annual magazine available in French and English, in paper and digital versions.

Among the themes covered in this edition: cycling, inclusive mobility, free transport or alternative energy buses.

A summary of the second edition of Pulse

  • Interview with Emmanuel Couet, President of the Rennes Metropole and the mastermind of a very ambitious transport policy
  • Focus on the work of three photographers inspired by public transport
  • Transport economist Yves Crozet gives his point of view on free public transport
  • The power of electromobility, or how buses are at the centre of the urban energy transition
  • Cycling: the bicycle defies the all-powerful automobile!
  • A trip to the Melbourne Art Trams festival where trams are decked out in lights, allowing citizens to discover the work of local artists
  • A sociological look at the mobility of the Millennials in the US

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